Businesses are facing new kinds of risks Digital risk is everywhere and evolves minute by minute. Every wireless transaction, link clicked, and stolen device leaves your clients vulnerable to a cyber attack

5 Reasons you need a Cyber Security Assessment For your business.

Criminally motivated attackers will seek financial gain by using ransomware to money theft, business disruption and data theft.

Ransomware is sophisticated code that takes advantage of your computer systems vulnerabilities. By using strong encryption they will hold your business’s data or computer system hostage. Cybercriminals use ransomware to demand payment in exchange for releasing the system. Now this may also lead to extortion tactics.

  1. You need to know where your business stands in terms of security before a problem exists.
  2. Your protection should include a risk summary that includes the likelihood of an incident, estimated loss based on your risk profile along with limits purchased by peer organizations.
  3. Security Vulnerabilities scan which show Critical, High, Medium and Low risk areas. We will also analyze Attack Surfaces like Domains, IP addresses, Applications and Services as well.
  4. We will also make recommendations for Non-Critical Security Vulnerabilities.
  5. We outline a Complete Risk Posture for your organization. This includes assets, data exposures and technologies that threat actors may exploit. Data Breaches, Malware, Spam, Malicious Events, Honeypot Events, Block Listed Domains, Torrents, DMARC and SPF. We give you important information for each of these areas.

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