Pokemon Life Lessons

Todays’ blog is about grandparenting, not insurance. Those little fireballs of energy that we love so much can teach us so much about life. 

Our 5 little ones span from the east coast to the west coast and we get to see them as often as we can.  Each time, it is a new learning experience for me as they always teach me something new. This past week, my grandson was wanting a few new Pokémon cards, like most kids today. We assured him a few times that day that we would get him some. However it was taking some time as I was putting it off. Since Target doesn’t sell them in their store any longer, he searched them up on Amazon and presented Grandpa with the phone showing the “Buy Now” button. Well, I was busy and I selected the “Save for Later” button. He walked out of the room and I went back to work.

Here’s the lesson. Is it really that hard to stop what your doing to help a little 8 year old? I mean he had been waiting for a couple of days. Well, when Grandma came in phone in hand and wanting to know how to order these cards, I thought about this lesson. I stopped and took care of it and the end result was amazing. I appreciate my wife and how she helps me focus on the right things with out saying anything other than, “can you show me how to order these cards”. 

Take some time, stop what your doing and really listen to someone who is asking for your help. You will be amazed at what you can hear and how happy you can make someone.

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