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Special Events & Weddings

Starting as low as $67 you can protect your special day from becoming a disaster if something unexpected happens to one of your guests.

Why choose us?

We are independent brokers who shop from several carriers to get competitive rates for your event. We want you to have a great experience with us, that’s why we are available to answer your questions by phone, email and text, anytime. 

Special Events & Weddings

Our process

Complete the short form about the event. A licensed agent will look over all your information to make sure nothing has been overlooked and will send a quote customized for you and your event within minutes. There is no charge until you approve of the price and coverages. 

Special Events & Weddings

Giving Back

Special Events & Weddings

Our mission is to follow the teaching of Psalm 68:5.
“Learn to do what is right! Promote justice! Give the oppressed reason to celebrate! Take up the cause of the orphan! Defend the rights of the widow!”

With your purchase we will donate $5 to a charity whose values line up with this calling. Let’s make it  better place!

We do this through several organizations. If you would like to recommend an organization, please send us an email.

Special Events & Weddings

Frequently Asked Questions

Special event insurance, is a liability policy that covers events in case of injuries, property damage, or lawsuits that occur. This coverage is for claims by third parties and covers all events such as weddings, birthday parties, concerts, trade shows, festivals, etc.

Special event insurance, covers events like weddings, parties, concerts, trade shows, festivals, etc. The coverage compensates you for costs of property damage, injuries, and lawsuit claims you may be responsible for. Plans may cover the cost of cancelling your event as well.

When you buy a policy from SpecialEventInsured.com, you get your Certificate of Insurance in 24 hours or less. Purchasing a policy takes less than 5 minutes, and once you purchase we send your policy for approval. After approval, the certificate is emailed to you and your venue if you asked us to do so.

Our general liability event insurance program has the broadest coverage and lowest prices. 

  • Host liquor coverage included, retail liquor coverage available.
  • Cover events up to 5,000 attendance.
  • Instant Coverage.
  • Waiver of Subrogation / Primary Wording available.
  • Hired and Non-owned Auto Coverage available.
  • Free Unlimited Additional Insureds.
  • All of our programs are available in all  states we hold current licenses in.
  • No coverage location limitation.
  • A+ Rated Insurance Carrier.

Annual polices are available over the phone. If you are interested, please give us a call at: (701) 760-0531

Available Coverage
Each Occurrence $1,000,000, $2,000,000 Available
Personal & Advertising Injury
$1,000,000, $2,000,000 Available
General Aggregate
$2,000,000, $3,000,000 Available
Products / Completed Operations
Medical Payments
Liquor Liability
Host Included, Retail Available
Waiver of Subrogation Available
Hired & Non-Owned Auto
$1,000,000  Available
Special Events & Weddings

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