Why do I need life insurance when my company offers it to me?

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I was asked this question recently by my son and it is a great question. Many companies offer life insurance for employees and that is a good thing. However, having that coverage means you need to stay employed at that company to retain those benefits and they are usually not able to grow cash value for your future. It’s possible to retain those life insurance benefits after you end your employment with the company, but here’s a different solution. 

My personal feeling is that if your company offers life insurance, you should take it if you have the resources to do so. In addition to that, you should purchase a policy on your own based on your current and future needs. That way you have the opportunity to protect your family, mortgages or build cash value with life insurance that fits your needs. This life insurance is yours and is not dependent on where you work. 

If you would like to talk more about which policy will best fit your needs, send me an email, text or call 701-760-0531 and we can come up with some options for you.

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