Woman’s Life Insurance Society

As a Woman, You need life insurance if…

      • You’re a partner in a two-income family: Your family relies on you to make ends meet. Ask yourself: “If something happened to me, what would happen to them?”
      • You’re a single woman running a household: As a single parent (and, possibly, sole breadwinner), your need for life insurance may be even greater than in dual-parent households.
      • You’re a stay-at-home mom: The work you do is worth tens of thousands of dollars a year to your family. How would your family manage without you?
      • You’re foot-loose and fancy-free: You know that being on your own isn’t the same as being without responsibilities. Just as importantly, life insurance purchased today can protect your future insurability. Also, whole life insurance can accumulate cash value which may help you plan for a secure retirement.

    Because you care, don’t leave your family’s financial future to chance. Make sure you have enough life insurance to protect the ones who depend on you and your income.

    Woman’s Life Insurance Society, a fraternal benefit society, was founded in 1892 to help women build financial security for themselves and their families.


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